What has to offer


This is a Surival minecraft Server. Goals that could be for you is to build a house or a base, gather loot and upgrade your gear, make a shop and get rich, etc. But the most important goal is to survive, and make friends!

Free Ranks

Matzouni currently has 4 free ranks to set a goal for. Each rank has it owns cool perks and abilities.


The Server currently has 161 unique achievements for you get. Achievement rewards vary from money, items, EXP, increased oxygen & Health. You can view them with the command /ach in-game!


The Server has mcMMO, which allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics and a more in-depth PvP! Want to learn more? Try using /skills in-game!


Have a favourite profession? Well start getting paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting, and more. Want to learn more? Try using /jobs in-game!

I need help with joining

Use to join our server.